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A Simple Guide to Starting a Freelance Business

A freelance business is not just like towing service arlington va. It is a different form of business. It is started and run by an individual who works for themselves. This generally happens through independent contract work. Freelancers have the responsibility of handling all aspects of a business that typically employee would not, including setting their working schedule, determining their pricing, paying business task and pursuing their contract work.

Starting a freelance business is an exciting idea. You will have perks such as setting your working hours and pursuing your passion. There is a lot of efforts and strategy that goes into planning, so that you can achieve the success you need. It can be a tough road with a lot of confusing twists and turns, and this calls for the importance of having a road map.

Here are some important aspects you need to get right.

Understand what you want out of your business

Before you can set your big freelance business plan, you will need to know a lot about yourself and why you are starting the business in the first place. Ask yourself why you are starting the business in the first place. Is is that you want to be your boss, you want to set your hours, whether there is a passion you want to pursue or just all of these three aspects. You need to have clear answers to each of these questions before you can start a freelance business.

Plan for your finances

The idea of dropping everything in pursuit of your passion can be exciting, but should be done with a lot of moderation. It can be easy to envision the aspect of walking out of your office with a big smile on your face knowing you are about to do what you have always wanted to do, without answering anyone. You will need to have a keen planning of your finances. You must familiarize yourself with personal and business related expenses and understand how long your savings will last you. Have a monthly target in place and work to ensure everything is done within budget.

Set measurable goals

You will need to establish benchmarks to ensure your business is making important progress and that you are personally on course to achieving what you need to. With a clear plan in mind, you will also have confidence that you are consistently reaching all the milestones you have set for yourself. Ensure you set smart goals, in that you can measure them, you can attain them and you have set a timeframe to have them achieved. You may set a goal such as getting your website up and running within a certain time and growing the number of visitors to a certain level.

You will also be required to come up with a workable and excellent pricing. When determining pricing, you must have a plan on how to charge your clients. It can be on hourly basis, on project basis or just a flat fee. Whatever plan you settle on, ensure it protects you and your clients as well.

Essentials to Strong Company Branding

Suppose you have a towing service company and you are tasked to come up with its brand, how do you go about it? Brand strategy is a plan that involves coming upon a specific long term goal that can evolve to become a successful brand. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and has a direct connection to consumer needs and emotions. Against many misconceptions, a brand is not about a product, a logo, and a website. It involves more than that. A brand is what feels intangible and more of what customers feel when they hear your business is mentioned.

Here are the components that make a comprehensive


Every brand makes a promise, but in a marketplace where consumer confidence is low, it is the promise you make and how you fulfill it that makes a difference. Every brand must have a defined purpose. It is important to define your business purpose on both functional and intentional lines. The functional part focuses on the evaluation of success for both immediate and commercial reasons. The intentional part focuses on success as it relates to the ability to make money and do good to the world.


The key to consistency when it comes to branding involves avoiding talking about things that do not relate to or enhance your brand. Whatever you do must be aligned with your brand and should never confuse your audience. To ensure you give your brand a platform to stand on, make sure your message is cohesive. As a result of your commitment to consistency, ensure every element of your brand’s marketing works in harmony.


You must understand that customers are always not rational. You need to provide your customers with an opportunity to feel like they are part of a larger group because people have an innate desire to build relationships. People have a basic psychological need to feel closely connected to others and they have a desire to create affectionate bonds as its part of the human desire. There is also togetherness, which outlines the need for love, affection, and being part of a group.


In a fast-changing world, marketers must remain flexible to stay relevant. You must be free to be creative with your campaigns. Consistency will aim at setting standards for your brand, and flexibility will enable you to make adjustments that build interest and distinguish your approach from that of your competitors. You need to take the opportunity to engage with your followers in fresh and exciting ways and work on creating partnerships.


As we have mentioned, achieving a sense of consistency is important if you want to build a recognizable brand. If you already have people that love you, love your company and brand, don’t just relax, but reward them for their love. These customers have done a lot to write about you and telling about your company to their friends, as they act as brand ambassadors. Cultivating loyalty if these people will yield more returns as returning customers.

How Micromanaging Leads to Failure and Bad Leadership

One of the greatest American Presidents – Theodore Roosevelt once said – the best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants to be done, and self-restraint from keeping meddling them while they do it. – This is the essence and backbone of delegation. The golden rule of leadership is that when employees succeed, leaders succeed as well. Employees in Dream Builders have been doing great, and the management is doing great as well. Great leaders foster an open and engaging environment that allows employees to succeed and thrive. However, despite all this, one of the greatest obstacles to achieving all these is micromanaging.

Signs of Micromanaging

Micromanaging involves the leader in question acting as if their subordinates are incapable of doing the job. Such leaders give close attention and offer many helpful suggestions that dump all the responsibility of the subordinate without any authority and keep on checking everything their subordinates do. Micromanagers seldom practice and always criticize. On everything their subordinates do, nothing seems good enough. Good delegation is therefore the opposite of micromanaging.

Much has been written when it comes to the subject of micromanaging. It is a popular topic and one that is well discussed in management. Micromanagers do not have any other way rather than with that belief that no outstanding work will be done without their consent and intervention. Often, as a result of micromanaging, it leads to diminished team performance and a lack of accountability on all parts involved.

Manifestations of Micromanaging

Micromanagement happens across different spheres and has different scales. There is dominating and passive micromanaging. The dominant methods of micromanaging include taking over, verbal assault, anger, intimidation, and constant close instructions. Passive micromanaging can be just as powerful and difficult to recognize. Passive micromanaging may include vulnerabilities such as deception, caretaking, withdrawal, crisis orientation among others.

Characteristics of Micromanaging Relationships

There are bad relations build between micromanaging leaders and their employees. Micromanagers tend to collect employees that are caretakers – passive micromanagers. These employees may have a higher need for security and may be more willing to work for leaders who seem to have a tight handle on everything. However, in today’s modern world of work, workers must be willing to own their work and must be competent enough to deliver value to their customers.

The need for predictability goes hand in hand with micromanaging. Leaders may be forced to micromanage to ensure there are a stable environment and predictability in results delivery. These sets of behaviors prevent many people from taking risks and limits employees. It can prevent learning among employees because people try to avoid situations they are not thoroughly and well prepared on.

Micromanaging doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, but in most cases, the price you pay for micromanaging is too high. If you are micromanaging, it is good you stop the practice. Some subordinates may fight back and work for micromanaging leaders to make the environment toxic and challenging. There is a mental state of low productivity that is caused by abuse and become more rigid to committing their time and energy of delivering new projects.

How to Achieve Wellness.

Emotional WellnessFor you to be successful in anything you do, be it in running a Pressure washing service business or even in your studies, a high level of commitment is required. Equally, to achieve a superior physical and mental wellness, you need a daily commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  The holy grail of modern life is wellness. For many, living a happy and healthy lifestyle seems like unattainable goal. In a desperate bid to maintain a balance in our healthy goals, we tend to over-commit ourselves.

Here are some simple ways to achieve wellness in life.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness can be defined as the ability to handle emotions in a positive and constructive manner. It also involves maintaining emotions in a healthy state and coping with challenges that life brings. Emotional wellness is more about how you cope well with stress, fear, anger, sadness among others. How well you manage behavior and feelings defines the level of your emotional maturity. People who are emotionally stable have the ability to express their feeling in a very effective manner.

Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness deals with the appreciation for the external environment and the role it plays in improving one’s well being. If you are an environmentally friendly person, you will try to conserve energy and treasure the natural resources around you. You can improve on environmental wellness by making your home and surrounding better. This means you end up making the environment better for everyone.

Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness involves learning and keeping the mind healthy and well engaged, through reading, stimulating its activities as well as achieving clear thinking. You need to have a clear mind that is receptive to new ideas as you seek to solve challenges that may come along your way. To develop intellectual wellness, you need to develop hobbies and interests that are related to thinking, problem solving, learning new languages, creative art, solving puzzles and many others. All these activities should be centered across supporting brain development.

Physical wellness

Physical wellness has more to do with the ability to maintain a healthy and quality life that allows us to carry the normal day to day activities in a good way. Physical wellness is all about being at your level best physically. It means you can carry day to day activities without stress or fatigue. To maintain the required level of physical fitness, you must eat right, exercise and keep your body active.


What Running Does to Your Body

runningAny good runner can tell you their stories about what immediately happens to their bodies, energy levels, and mood when they start running. I have been running for the last one year along the quiet roads of, and I can admit there are lots of benefits associated with running. Today, we are going to pay an in-depth look at what happens inside your body when you hit the road for a run.

Besides high energy levels of productivity and a boost in mood, there are many other positive physical effects that running does to your body. Running changes your body composition and the overall physical system as well as many other benefits including the following.

Body Composition

Body composition refers to how much your body is lean in terms if muscles, water, organs, bone, and fat. Most people are interested in increasing their lean muscle as well as decreasing subcutaneous fat. A key benefit of any exercise strategy is to lose fat and gain muscles. Regular running can contribute massively to attaining these results. A well-composed body means an increase in metabolism and a better bone density which boosts the overall health.

Loss of Subcutaneous Fat

fat freeRunning affects your muscle fat balance leading to more defined muscles and less fat. If you are taking a balanced diet as well as running, your body creates a calorie deficit that promotes fat loss. At some point in the running process, you will need to combine weight training to give you an extra push in creating the lean body of your choice. Loss of body fat translates to a loss of weight for runners, something which is much desirable for those looking forward to losing weight.

Body System Improvement

Running provides a very vital metabolic boost. Your body will continue to burn calories for an extended period, even after you are done with the running exercise. You also achieve a higher resting metabolism, as a consistent running routine improves your overall endurance. The longer you keep running, the better your muscles improve to increase their capacity to efficiently creating energy.

Health Benefits

Aside from endurance, running also leads to increased metabolism and strengthened muscles that bolster the health of your heart as well as other body organs such as the lungs. Running leads to a raised heartbeat which helps in enhancing your heart to increase its efficiency in pumping oxygen throughout your body. Circulation of oxygen improves as blood vessels dilate making the capacity of your lungs to increase. With time, your ancillary systems – including vessels, lungs, cells, and capillaries adapt to a higher amount of energy thus improving their efficiency.

What happens during the running process?

When you start running, your muscles primarily rely on adenosine triphosphate to get you on the move. These ATP molecules are created by the food you ate and stored in glycogen within your muscles. As you continue running, your muscles release lactic acid that signals your brain you are working. Your muscles your oxygen to keep breaking down the glycogen making you breathe heavy. As your endurance builds, your body settles into a sustained cycle of sweating and breathing to break down glucose into ATP.

Best Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

pacsLosing stubborn body fat and getting into your best body shape may require at least some form of cardio exercises. There is a wide range of different aerobic activities that engage your cardio. These exercises are many, enough to confuse those wondering where to start out. All forms of aerobic exercises will deliver similar benefits, with thus a small variation regarding calories burned and results achieved.

Regardless of intensity, aerobic exercises strengthen all the muscles involved in respiration and assist the lungs to perform better. Cardio exercises also increase the total number of red blood cells in the body and encourage greater oxygen facilitation throughout the body. They also strengthen the heart muscle to improve resting heart and pumping efficiency. Cardio exercises also reduce stress, body tension and increase mental well-being.


Here are some of the best cardio exercises you need to incorporate in your schedule.



Walking was once considered one of the perfect aerobic exercises for fat burning. However, today, it is regarded as one of the least effective aerobic exercises. Although it is not the best form of exercise for achieving fitness and losing weight, it is still an excellent exercise for beginners. It is considered a lower in intensity and therefore a small number of calories is burned. Your metabolism will increase after walking for one or two hours. Walking helps in fat burning for obese and can be used as a build up for higher intensity aerobic methods.



runningWhen you run for an approximate duration of one hour, you will end up burning up to 600 calories.  It is a higher intensity exercise as compared to walking. Running can be a handy way to lose body fat and improve on cardio-respiratory fitness. The main benefits of running are that it is high intensity and burns more calories as well as stimulating metabolic rate for a more extended period after exercising. Running also works your hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves to provide an excellent lower body workout.



Cycling involves the same muscles as those worked out during running. However, it has many added advantages of being lower impact. This exercise is virtually ideal for anyone as it can be done with a stationary bike. Cycling can be suitable for high-intensity training as its resistance can be changed from lower to higher in a quick succession Cycling has many benefits. As a low impact exercise, it makes a perfect use to strip body fat. It also improves fitness and athletic performance.



Swimming provides a great total body workout which burns a high number of calories. It is a low impact exercise as the body works on a weightless environment – water; and as a result, there is a small risk of injury. You can use common freestyle strokes or use a variety of strokes to emphasize different muscle groups. Swimming lessens the chance of damage as it is the lowest cardio exercise on our list. Swimming works main muscle groups making it a good exercise for improving fitness and athletic performance.





Health Benefits of Exercises

Let's get fit!The benefits of exercises extend far beyond weight management that most people know about. Research has shown that regular exercise has many benefits including reducing the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Exercises also improve your overall quality of life. Exercises make an adequate remedy for controlling weight gain as well as maintaining weight loss. Regular trips to the gym can make a difference between your fitness and failure.

Regular exercising can help protect you in the following ways.


Eliminates Heart Diseases and Stroke

Daily physical exercises can help to reduce and equally prevent the occurrence of heart diseases and stroke. This happens because the heart muscles are strengthened, lowering the blood pressure and raising the levels of your high-density lipoprotein, which is considered as good cholesterol. Exercises help to improve blood flow and increases the working capacity of your heart.  Optimize these factors can assist in providing additional benefits and reducing the risks of perennial diseases.


Improves Mental Health

Regular exercises improve your mental health and wellbeing. Exercises can help in preventing and treating some mental health conditions. Research also shows physical exercises can help in preventing dementia and depression. Exercises help in relieving stress and anxiety and improving your overall mood. This is mainly because exercises have specific chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine that affect your thinking and feeling. When you exercise, you feel calmer, happier and get an improved self-image.


Improving your Mood

Are you looking for an emotional lift or do you need to set yourself off from a stressful day? A simple gym session may be enough to get you uplifted. Physical activities stimulate various brain chemicals to help you feel happier and more relaxed. Exercises boost your energy, improving your muscle strength and endurance. When you exercise, you help your body deliver vital nutrients and tissues that support your cardiovascular system to function appropriately.

Exercises Control Weight

weight controlIf you want to keep your weight in check, the best way to go about it is through exercise. Exercises help in preventing weight loss. When you engage your body in physical activity, you burn many calories. The more intense the exercise you participate in, the more calories you burn, thus more benefits.


Improves your sex life

Are you feeling too tired or slightly out of shape when getting down to enjoy an intimate moment? It could be that you lack spark in your sex life. When you exercise, you improve your energy levels and physical endurance which in turn boost your sex life. Men who exercise regularly are less likely to experience any problems with erectile dysfunction as compared to men who don’t.

Exercising is Fun

You can enjoy the fun associated with exercising and physical activities if you make it a habit. Exercises give you a chance to unwind and engage with others in the same social circles your exercise with. You can take a dance class and enjoy all the benefits that come with dance moves. In general, if you want to feel better, boost your health and have a lot of fun, then there is not a better way to do it than exercising.

Benefits of Having Fitness Personal Trainer

personal trainerWith a fitness trainer, you are better assured of faster results. The trainer guides you through your fitness cycles and routine to ensure that you’re spending your time on the right exercises. If you have a limited amount of workout time, your trainer works at formulating to you a program that works best for you.


There are a lot of things you can expect from a personal trainer including;

Weight Loss – You will begin losing fat and building muscle with the first workout.  Your trainer will design workouts with your weight loss goals in mind.

Endurance – Working out with your trainer on a regular basis will build endurance so you can get through your days feeling more energized.

Accountability – There is nothing like knowing your trainer is waiting for you to make you show up for your workouts!

Tracking – Measurements and fitness tests will be utilized to track your results toward your goals.  No matter what your goal – weight loss, toning, unassisted pull-up – your trainer will work with you to help you reach your goals.

Education – Learn proper body mechanics and form to help prevent injuries.


One-On-One Personal Training

A personal trainer helps you to find better ways if achieving your ultimate fitness goals. They work with you overcome all obstacles and procrastination. Your goals, be it getting leaner, fitter or losing weight are met much faster in a more fun way that you would manage on your own.


There are countless benefits of having a personal trainer. A personal trainer helps you in creating unique workout plans that are related to your goals and schedules and those that can accommodate your needs.


Each time you meet with your trainer, they will optimize your workouts to help you achieve results faster than it would take you working alone.  Each session will challenge you and build your confidence with superior results!


Partner Training

Is there someone in your life that you want to work out with — if they show up, you’ll show up? Mom, sister, best friend?  Partner training might be for you.  Save some money and get the same benefits as with a Personal Trainer; one-on-one attention and a workout customized to your body type, skills, and motivation needs.


Small Group Focused Classes

Working out one-on-one with your trainer will get you the results you are looking for in the shortest amount of time.  But for some of us, fitness is more fun when exercising with friends. Make it more rewarding by getting together with a personal trainer and other members. You will receive all of the benefits of traditional, individual personal training, along with the team support, accountability and result driven workouts!

A personal trainer will guide you and your workout buddies through a series of exercises designed to maximize each individual’s results. These trainers make their programs much more fun so that you can’t think of missing of quiting. You will always have two sources of motivation, which will keep you on track and get you to your goals even faster. Small groups are limited to a few participants to maintain the proper technique, supervision, and motivation.